From dairy farm to Asia's leading retailer

The story of Dairy Farm dates back to 19th century Hong Kong, when Scottish surgeon Sir Patrick Manson and five businessmen embarked on a venture to improve the health of the Hong Kong community by breeding imported cattle locally, and to ensure a daily supply of disease-free fresh milk at an affordable price - a challenging move as the pioneering herd had to adapt to Hong Kong's sub-tropical climate.

From such modest beginnings, Dairy Farm has expanded and reinvented itself over the decades to become one of Asia's most dynamic and reputable companies. Today, Dairy Farm is primarily into retailing, with a focus on supermarkets, hypermarkets, health and beauty stores, convenience stores, home furnishings stores and restaurants. The Group commands a leadership position in many key Asian markets and has upheld its principles for quality products, business integrity and commitment to the community.

These historical chapters highlight key dates and events and are a record of the many defining moments in the making of a very unique and special company.